HIL scientists publish latest results in peer-reviewed physics journal HPLSE

Cambridge University Press’ journal HPLSE (High Power Laser Science and Engineering) today published a paper by HIL founders Prof. Arie Zigler and Dr. Shmuel Eisenmann, HIL physicist Mr. Eyal Gad Nahum, and their co-authors.

HPLSE   is an international, peer-reviewed journal which focuses on all aspects of high power laser science and engineering. Among other topics, it covers  laser-plasma interaction and ultra-intense ultra-short pulse laser interaction with matter – which are key areas of research and development in which are at the heart of HIL’s technology.

The paper – titled “Density Measurements of Laser Interaction with Ordered Structured ‘Snow’ Targets” – discusses recent advances in the characterization of the laser-matter interactions underlying the exceptional performance of HIL’s proprietary nano-engineered target.


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