HIL ultra-compact system design presented at the 12th International Meeting on the Nuclear Applications of Accelerators.

AccApp’15 – the 12th International Topical Meeting on the Nuclear Applications of Accelerators – is taking place today through Nov 13th in Washington, DC.

HIL’s ultra compact design for a proton delivery system was presented by Dr. Carol Johnstone of FermiLab and Particle Accelerator Corporation (PAC), on behalf of HIL. The presentation reported on the collaborative work done by PAC and HIL scientists.

The work aimed to incorporate HIL’s current and expected proprietary advances in the fields of proton-laser acceleration and ultra-fast magnetics, into the design of a clinical delivery system. The result is a proton delivery system housed almost entirely in an ultra-compact 360-degree rotating gantry – which fits into the footprint of  a LINAC vault.

The groundbreaking design is a work-in-progress; design concepts and implementation were reported in today’s oral presentation at AccApp’15.

The talk – entitled “A Compact Laser-Accelerated Proton Therapy System” – was well-received and generated interest, says Dr. Johnstone.